Karolína Hořeňovská


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Ph.D. degree in Informatics / Mathematical linguistics, since October 2017
  • Master degree in Informatics / Mathematical linguistics, October 2015 – June 2017
  • Bachelor degree in Informatics / Administration of Computer systems, October 2011 – September 2015
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Master degree in Open Informatics / Artificial Intelligence, September 2014 – June 2016
  • Bachelor degree in Open Informatics / Informatics and Computer Science, September 2011 – June 2014

Research interests

  • Text simplification
  • Understandability measurement
  • Text adaptation for a specific group of readers
  • Automated explanation generation
  • Automated lexical simplification

Grants and Projects

None yet

Selected papers

None yet


Correspondence Seminar in Programming
  • Organiser, since April 2012
    • Thinking out and wording algorithmic tasks
    • Correcting participants' solutions
    • Organizing week-long training camps for best participants
    • Technologies: Git, Perl, Bash, Plain TeX, Make, C
  • http://ksp.mff.cuni.cz/
Itinerant Lectures on Informatics
  • Organiser and Lecturer, since October 2012
    • Providing feedback on lecture dry-runs
    • Giving lectures on informatics to high school students
  • Manager, since September 2013
    • Communicating with high schools
    • Making the time schedule
Czech Mathematical Olympiad, Category P (Czech Olympiad in Informatics)
  • Organizer, since February 2014
    • Providing technical support during national round
    • Correcting participants' solutions of theoretical tasks
    • Proof-reading all instructions, assignments and official solutions
  • http://mo.mff.cuni.cz/p/


  • Czech: Native speaker
  • English: Fluent in reading and writing, advanced in speaking
  • French: Intermediate
  • Slovak: Fluent in understanding, intermediate in speaking and writing
  • I've also grasped some basics of German, Russian, Japanese and Icelandic


Programming languages
  • Perl (advanced)
  • C (intermediate)
  • Python (beginner)
  • I've also worked with Java, Pascal, Prolog and Haskell
Frameworks and platforms
  • Unix, esp. Linux
  • Versioning systems: Git (advanced), CVS (beginner), SVN (beginner)
  • Make
  • TeX (plain, OPmac, OFS, some basics of LaTeX)

Commercial work experience

DCIT, Prague, Czech Republic
  • PROVYS System programmer (junior server programmer), March 2016 – February 2017
    • Creating and maintaining server procedures
    • Adding support for XML export/import of specific PROVYS data
    • Technologies: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, WinCVS, XML, XSLT