Monday, 14 December, 2015 - 13:30

From the Jungle to a Park: Harmonizing Annotations Across Languages


In this talk I will describe my work towards universal representation of morphology and dependency syntax in treebanks of various languages. Not only is such harmonization advantageous for linguists-users of corpora, it is also a prerequisite for cross-language parser adaptation techniques such as delexicalized parsing. I will present Interset, an interlingua-like tool to translate morphosyntactic representations between tagsets; I will also show how the features from Interset are used in a recent framework called Universal Dependencies. Some experiments with delexicalized parsing on harmonized data will be presented. Finally, I will discuss the extent to which various morphological features are important in the context of statistical dependency parsing. [This is a slightly updated version of my talk at SPMRL/IWPT in July in Bilbao.]