Thursday, 6 June, 2024 - 13:30 to 16:00

DACT Chant Analytics Workshop


As a part of the DACT Chant Analytics team technical meeting, the team will present its work in two blocks: digital chant research in Würzburg, by our guest Tim Eipert, affiliated also with the Corpus Monodicum project, and digital chant research in Prague, done previously under the Genome of Melody project (Cultural Evolution Society Transformation Fund, supported by the John Templeton Foundation) and now most importantly as part of the Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission project - DACT, supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), grant no. 895-2023-1002.

The workshop will take place on Thursday June 6th 2024, at 13:30-16:00 in room S8 of the Malá Strana building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (Malostranské nám. 25, Praha 1).

The expected schedule:

13:30-14:30: Digital chant scholarship in Prague. Anna Dvořáková, Vojtěch Lanz, Jan Hajič jr.

14:30-15:30: Digital chant scholarship in Würzburg. Tim Eipert.

Each block is expected to have about 45 minutes of talk and 15 minutes of discussion. At the end, there is an extra half hour for free discussion.


Tim Eipert currently holds a position as a Research Assistant at the edition project Corpus Monodicum: Die einstimmige Musik des lateinischen Mittelalters. In 2020, he successfully completed his Master's degree in Musicology, specializing in a thesis focused on the automated segmentation of medieval chants. His research interests primarily revolve around critically employing computer-assisted methods to address music theory questions in diverse contexts such as medieval transmission or jazz, as well as exploring topics related to digital editing.