Monday, 7 October, 2019 - 14:00

A Comprehensive Account of Reflexives in Czech: The Valency Perspective

Václava Kettnerová & Markéta Lopatková (ÚFAL MFF UK)

Reflexives in Czech (as in other languages) are characterized by high ambiguity and diversity in their functions. Their analysis, necessarily crossing boundaries between syntax and inflectional and derivational morphology, thus represents a tricky task, often resulting in different theories in diverse conclusions. In this talk, we provide a comprehensive theoretical account of the reflexives in Czech elaborated within the Functional Generative Description, with the main emphasis put on the role of the reflexives in valency behavior of Czech verbs. In addition to their functions as markers of syntactic reflexivity and reciprocity, special attention will be paid to changes in valency potential of derived reflexive verbs. Our analysis makes use of the language data provided esp. by the VALLEX lexicon and the Prague Dependency Treebank.

The talk will be delivered in Czech.