Semantic Labelling of relations in DeriNet

The tab-separated-values file available here contains a list of semantically labelled relations from DeriNet.
The list is a result of initial experiments in field of semantic labelling using machine learning methods.

In this initial experiment, five semantic labels were predicted (DIMINUTIVE, FEMALE, POSSESSIVE, ASPECT, ITERATIVE).

File format

The list of semantically labeled relations is saved to file 2019-03-final-semantic-labels.tsv in simple tab separated .tsv format.

The order of columns is as follow:

  1. derivational parent (base word) with its part-of-speech tag separated by a dash,
  2. derivationa child (derivative) with its part-of-speech tag separated by a dash,
  3. predicted semantic label of the relation,
  4. probability of predicted semantic label.

Numbers of labelled relations for each semantic label

Semantic label Count
FEMALE 28,510
ASPECT 15,459
total: 150,521