Dávid Javorský

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Malostranské náměstí 25
118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2021–now Doctor's Degree in Computer Science (in progress), Mathematical Linguistics, MFF UK. Thesis: Global and Local Constraints for Neural Models of NLP
  • 2019–2021 Master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematical Linguistics, with honours, MFF UK. Thesis: Presentation of simultaneous speech translation
  • 2016–2019 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Programming and Software Systems, MFF UK. Thesis: High-performance inverted index database

Stays abroad:

  • 2023, JSALT Summer School in Le Mans.
  • 2022, internship at Université Paris-Saclay in Paris. Topic: Word Importance Learning and Analysis. From March to August, gaining an invaluable experience in an internship, proposing a unique method for word significance learning, supervised by François Yvon. The work has been published in the Findings of ACL 2023.

Selected Bibliography

  • Dávid Javorský, Ondřej Bojar, and François Yvon. 2023. Assessing Word Importance Using Models Trained for Semantic Tasks. In Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: ACL 2023, pages 8846–8856, Toronto, Canada. Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • Milind Agarwal, Sweta Agrawal, Antonios Anastasopoulos, Luisa Bentivogli, Ondřej Bojar, Claudia Borg, Marine Carpuat, Roldano Cattoni, Mauro Cettolo, Mingda Chen, William Chen, Khalid Choukri, Alexandra Chronopoulou, Anna Currey, Thierry Declerck, Qianqian Dong, Kevin Duh, Yannick Estève, Marcello Federico, et al.. 2023. FINDINGS OF THE IWSLT 2023 EVALUATION CAMPAIGN. In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT 2023), pages 1–61, Toronto, Canada (in-person and online). Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • Dávid Javorský, Dominik Macháček, and Ondřej Bojar. 2022. Continuous Rating as Reliable Human Evaluation of Simultaneous Speech Translation. In Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT), pages 154–164, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Hybrid). Association for Computational Linguistics.
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Individual Software Project (ročníkový projekt):

  • Adam Osuský, summer 2023