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Sentence-Level Polarity Detection in a Computer Corpus

The aim of the project is the analysis of possible relations between the syntactic structure and the polarity of a Czech sentence (or larger text span) by means of sentiment analysis of a dependency treebank.

Sentiment analysis (SA) is one of the subfields of the so-called opinion mining. Opinion mining tasks are interested in the automatic extraction of subjective information from text and determination of speaker’s attitude.

The main goal of sentiment analysis is the detection of a positive or negative polarity, or neutrality of a sentence (or, more broadly, a text). Most often this takes place by detecting the so-called polarity items, i.e. words or phrases inherently bearing a positive or negative value. These words (phrases) are collected in the subjectivity lexicons, i.e. corpora of lexical items bearing an inherent positive or negative value. The implementation of polarity items from the subjectivity lexicon into the data is the first step towards SA.


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