Cristina Fernández Alcaina

Malostranské náměstí 25
118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Main Research Interests

Lexical resources; Verb valency; Semantics; Derivational morphology


Since 2022: Researcher in Language Understanding: from Syntax to Discourse (LUSyD), supported by Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GX20-16819X).

Curriculum Vitae


2021 PhD in Languages, Texts and Contexts (English linguistics) (University of Granada, Spain)

Doctoral Thesis: Competition in the derivational paradigm of English verbs

2016 MA in English Literature and Linguistics (University of Granada, Spain)

Master Thesis: Availability and unavailability in English word formation

2015 BA in English Philology (University of Granada, Spain)

Selected Bibliography

As author

Fernández-Alcaina, Cristina. 2021. The competition of word-formation processes in the derivational paradigm of verbs. Berlin: Peter Lang.

Fernández-Alcaina, Cristina & Čermák, Jan. 2018.  Derivational paradigms and competition in English: a diachronic study on competing causative verbs and their derivatives. SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 15, 3: 69–97.

Fernández-Alcaina, Cristina. 2017. Availability and unavailability in English word-formation. In Juan Santana-Lario & Salvador Valera (eds.), Competing patterns in English affixation, 163–206. Bern: Peter Lang.

As editor

Díaz-Negrillo, Ana & Fernández-Alcaina, Cristina (Eds.) 2018. Conversion: limits, interpretations. Word Structure 11(2). Edinburgh University Press.

Ruz, Alba E., Cristina Fernández-Alcaina & Cristina Lara-Clares (Eds.) 2022. Paradigms in word formation: Theory and application. John Benjamins.


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