Machine Translation


Chimera, a hybrid Machine Translation system which are being developed at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, combines a deep-syntactic transfer-based system TectoMT, very large parallel and monolingual data in a Moses factored setup to ensure morphological coherence, and finally Depfix, a rule-based automatic post-editing system that corrects grammaticality (agreement and valency) of the output as well as some features vital for adequacy, namely lost negation. The system has already proved that it can succesfully compete with best Machine Translation systems    [learn more].


Other MT Projects

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Abstract Meaning Representation Annotations, Machine Translation, Semantics
Alex Dialogue Systems Framework Dialog, Machine Translation, Morphology, Parsers, Speech Recognition, Tools
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Centrum vizuální historie Malach Data, Discourse, Machine Translation, Multi-modality, Multilingual, Speech Recognition
Chimera Machine Translation
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CzEngVallex - Czech and English verbal valency Annotations, Corpora, Data, Lexicons, Machine Translation, Multilingual, Semantics, Taggers
Depfix Machine Translation, Morphology, Parsers, Taggers, Tools
HindEnCorp Corpora, Data, Machine Translation, Monolingual, Multilingual
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NLP_HEALTHCARE2020 Machine Translation, Morphology, Multi-modality, Multilingual, Publications, Semantics, Speech Recognition
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QT21 Corpora, Data, Lexicons, Linked data, Machine Learning, Machine Translation, Multilingual, Semantics, Tools
Slovakoczech NLP workshop Annotations, Coreference, Corpora, Data, Dialog, Discourse, Information Retrieval, Information Structure, Lexicons, Linked data, Machine Learning, Machine Translation, Monolingual, Morphology, Multi-modality, Multilingual, Multiword Expressions, Parsers, Publications, Semantics, Speech Recognition, Speech Retrieval, Spellcheckers, Taggers, Tools, Valency
Strojový překlad se sémantickou informací Annotations, Lexicons, Machine Translation, Semantics, Valency
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