Title Type
Centrum vizuální historie Malach Project
Czech–German Lexicon of Anaphoric Connectives Project
CzeDLex - A Lexicon of Czech Discourse Connectives Project
EVALD 3.0 (Evaluator of Discourse) Project
Implicit relations in text coherence Project
Linguistic Factors of Readability Project
Malach Centre for Visual History Project
Modeling of Complexity in Czech Literary Texts Project
Multilingual Corpus Annotation as a Support for Language Technologies Project
Prague Dependency Treebank Project
Prague Dependency Treebank 3.0 Project
Prague Dependency Treebank 3.5 Project
Prague Discourse Treebank 1.0 Project
Prague Discourse Treebank 2.0 Project
PraViDCo Project
Shallow discourse parsing in Czech Project
Slovakoczech NLP workshop Project
Working with the Penn Discourse Treebank Project
Working with the RST-DT and the RST-SC Project
Anaphoricity in Connectives: Lexical Description and Bilingual Corpus Analysis Grant
Automatic Evaluation of Text Coherence in Czech Grant
Automatická analýza diskurzních vztahů v češtině Grant
Center for the Transdisciplinary Research of Violence, Trauma and Justice Grant
Centre for Language Research Infrastructure in the Czech Republic Grant
Coreference, Discourse Relations and Information Structure in a Contrastive Perspective Grant
Establishing and operating the Czech node of pan-European infrastructure for research (Vybudování a provoz českého uzlu pan-evropské infrastruktury pro výzkum) Grant
Explicitní popis jazyka a anotovaná data se zřetelem na češtinu Grant
Implicit Relations in Text Coherence Grant
Linguistic Factors of Readability in Czech Administrative and Educational Texts Grant
Modelování komplexity českých literárních textů Grant
Multilingual Corpus Annotation as a Support for Language Technologies Grant
Natural multi-domain dialogue systems Grant
TextLink: Skladba diskurzu v evropských jazycích Grant
TextLink: Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe Grant
Towards a Computational Analysis of Text Structure Grant