Natalia Levshina's Talk

In this talk, Natalia Levshina demonstrates how multilingual parallel corpora can help linguists to answer theoretical questions concerning morphosyntax and intercultural pragmatics, presenting two case studies on causative constructions and T/V forms in European languages.

It takes place in room S1, 4th floor, on Monday, October 31, at 13:30 p.m.

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Studies in Prague

High-quality affordable bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English, at one of the oldest and most highly regarded universities in Europe.

Study Computer Science or Computational Linguistics

Grammar and Lexicon

A full-day workshop organized by Eva Hajičová and Igor Boguslavsky enhancing the linguistic dimension in the CL spectrum and strengthening the focus on explanatory rather than engineering aspects.

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New issue no.106

The October issue of The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics features the pros and cons of Argument–Adjunct Distinction in FGD, and brings new insights in the fields of Machine Translasion, Lexicography and Word alignment.

Manuscripts with unpublished linguistics results and contributions to future issues are welcome, see the guidelines.

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Better Medical Search

ÚFAL enabled multi-lingual search as a part of the KConnect iniciative where we work together with health care providers and commercial organisations to explore the use of NLP in the medical domain.

Multi-lingual search is available in French, German or Czech, with more languages due in the next 6-12 months.

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Introducing Lucie Poláková

In my doctoral thesis, I have focused on discourse relations and their anchoring in Czech on the material of Prague Dependency Treebank.

Concerning discourse-oriented research, I'm the MC member for the Czech Republic in the European COST TextLink Action.

I have contributed to Discourse and Coherence: From Sentence Structure to Relations in Text.

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