Lexical and Semantic Conversions

in the Valency Dictionary

The book analyses transformations as “John loaded the hay onto the wagon” and “John loaded the wagon with the hay” in the valency of Czech verbs.

The results of this analysis are applied to dictionary entries and to explicit rules.

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CZ.NIC Award

Our PhD student Ondrej Klejch won the NIC.CZ award in ACM-SPY 2015 Czech Republic competition with his Master thesis "Development of a cloud platform for automatic speech recognition".

You can read more about this platform at www.cloudasr.com.

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Issue no.104

The October issue of The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics brings new insights into the fields of Machine Translation, Evaluation and Parsing.

Manuscripts with unpublished linguistics results and contributions to future issues are welcome, see the guidelines.

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Better Medical Search

ÚFAL enabled multi-lingual search as a part of the KConnect iniciative where we work together with health care providers and commercial organisations to explore the use of NLP in the medical domain.

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Introducing Magda Ševčíková

In my postdoc research I have been focusing on derivational morphology. Together with Zdeněk Žabokrtský, we have created a lexical network of derivational relations in Czech.

DeriNet, version 0.9, is available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license or can be searched with DeriNet Viewer by Milan Straka.

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