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Contextually-based synonymy and valency of verbs in a bilingual setting

The project focuses on contextually-based synonymy and valency of verbs in a bilingual setting. The analysis of semantic ‘equivalence’ (synonymy or near synonymy) of verb senses, and their valency behavior in parallel Czech-English language resources is the core of the proposed research. Using the translational context supports more language-independent specification of properties of verb sense classes of synonyms and leads towards generalization across languages. An initial sample bilingual verb lexicon of classes representing synonym or near-synonym pairs of verbs (verb senses) based on richly annotated corpora and existing lexical resources will be created. The main contribution of the project will be a deeper insight from the bilingual perspective into the topic of verb meaning in context based on the Functional Generative Description theory, thus extending it towards appropriate description of contextually-based verb synonymy.