12.4. Functor for conjunction modifiers (CM)

Definition of the CM functor

The CM functor is a functor assigned to conjunction modifiers.

Conjunction modifiers are described in detail in Section 16.1.2, "Conjunction modifiers".

Forms. Conjunction modifiers are mostly various particles and adverbs.


Rozpočet nejenže.CM není přebytkový, ale.GRAD dokonce.CM je skrytě deficitní. (=The budget not only isn't surplus, it is even covertly deficit) Fig. 7.74

Figure 7.74. The CM functor

The CM functor

Rozpočet nejenže není přebytkový, ale dokonce je skrytě deficitní. (=lit. Budget not_only not_is surplus, but even is covertly deficit)

12.4.1. Borderline cases with the CM functor

Border with the RHEM functor. For the border between conjunction modifiers and rhematizers, see Section 16.1.2, "Conjunction modifiers".

Borders with the functors for coordination, apposition and mathematical operations and intervals. For the border between conjunction modifiers and conjunctions, see Section 16.1.2, "Conjunction modifiers".