4.2. DIR2

Definition of the DIR2 functor

The DIR2 functor (directional: which way) is a functor for a free modification that expresses specification of place (direction) answering the question "which way?".

Subfunctors. The DIR2 functor is further specified by subfunctors. See Section 13.1.5, "Subfunctors with the DIR2 functor".

Valency. DIR2 modifications are obligatory for many verbs, esp. for verbs of motion with the prefix pro- (e.g. proběhnout (=to_run_by), projít (=to_pass), proniknout (=to_penetrate), proskočit (=to_jump_through), ubírat se (=to_trace)).

Forms. The basic forms of DIR2 modifications are:

Figure 7.21. The DIR2 functor

The DIR2 functor

Šli podél lesa. (=lit. (They) walked along forest.)

4.2.1. Borderline cases with the DIR2 functor

Borders with other locative or directional functors. DIR1 modifications border on other locative or directional modifications. For more see Section 4.4, "LOC".