3. Paratactic structure root nodes

nodetype = coap

Paratactic structure root nodes have one of the following functors: CONJ, ADVS, CSQ, DISJ, GRAD, REAS, CONFR, CONTRA, OPER or APPS (viz Section 12, "Functors expressing the relations between the members of paratactic structures").

The t-lemmas assigned to these nodes may be conjunctions (used with coordination and apposition; e.g.: a (=and), ale (=but), kdežto (=whereas/while)), t-lemma substitutes for (syntactically relevant) punctuation marks (e.g.: #Comma, #Dash, #Colon, #Separ, see Section 4, "T-lemma substitutes") or symbols referring to mathematical operations and intervals (e.g.: +, krát (=times), od_ do (=from-to)).

Nodes of this type have a t-lemma, one of the functors above and other attributes. Paratactic structure root nodes have no grammatemes.

The following node types can be immediate daughters of paratactic structure root nodes:

For a discussion of paratactic structures (and their analysis), see Section 6, "Parataxis".