2. Atomic nodes

nodetype = atom

Atomic nodes are assigned one of the following functors: ATT, CM, INTF, MOD, PARTL, PREC or RHEM (see Section 7, "Functors for rhematizers, sentence, linking and modal adverbial expressions" and Section 12.4, "Functor for conjunction modifiers (CM)").

The t-lemmas assigned to atomic nodes are speaker-oriented expressions, adverbs of attitude (ATT), intensifying expressions (INTF) or modal expressions (MOD), also text connectives (PREC), rhematizers/focalizers (RHEM), syntactic negation, represented by a node with the t-lemma substitute #Neg (see Section 4, "T-lemma substitutes") and conjunction modifiers (usually adverbial; CM).

Atomic nodes have a t-lemma, a functor and other attributes. They have no grammatemes.

Atomic nodes usually have no daughter nodes.