MT Marathon 2022 Programme

Registration Desk

Collect your badge, login details and lunch tickets (if pre-paid):

  • on Monday, 8.30-9.00 in front of room S9 (1st floor)
  • throughout the week from the organizers

All videos are available here (not all sessions were recorded). Click the video icons below for direct links.

Monday September 5
8.30-9.00 Registration: in front of room S9
9.00 Opening
9.30-11.00 Introduction to Neural MT
S9 Ondřej Bojar (Charles University)
11:00Coffee break
11.15-12.45 Massively Multilingual Text and Speech Mining video
S9 Holger Schwenk, Kevin Heffernan (Meta AI)
14.30 Project Proposals
S9 see and extend the live list of proposed projects
Please prepare one or two slides to present the topic to everyone.
15:30Coffee break
Tuesday September 6
9.00-10.30 A journey of MT research - Why it is crucial to work on evaluation
S9 Markus Freitag (Google)
10:30Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Quality Estimationvideo
S9 Ricardo Rei (Unbabel)
15:30Coffee break
18.00-21.00 Welcome reception
basement everyone
Wednesday September 7
10:30Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Efficient Machine Translationvideo
S9 Nick Bogoychev (University of Edinburgh)
15:30Coffee break
16.30- Project mid-week reports
S9 everyone
18.00-00.00 Social event
Letná beer garden
Thursday September 8
9.00-10.30 Tackling Intrinsic Uncertainty with SCONESvideo
S9 Felix Stahlberg (Google)
10:30Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Decoding Neural Text Generatorsvideo
S9 Ryan Cotterell (ETH Zürich)
14.00-16.00 Poster Session (with coffee)
1st Floor everyone
Friday September 9
9.00-10.30 What could (or maybe should) MT researchers know about translation (theory)?video
S9 Věra Kloudová (Charles University)
10:30Coffee break
11.00-12.30 MT Evaluation: Is your model really better?video
S9 Tom Kocmi (Microsoft)
15:30Coffee break
Saturday September 10
11.00-12.30 Project reports, Closing
S9 everyone
10:30Coffee break
12.30-14.00 lunch (if pre-booked or you fit)
14.00-15.30 Project reports, Closing (Part II, if needed; no coffee afterwards!)