MT Marathon 2009 Venue

Overall Map of Prague

Venue Address

Malostranské nám. 25
Praha 1
CZ-11800, Czech Republic

Faculty Building

The venue of MT Marathon 2009 (the Computer Science School building, see the left-hand picture below - on the horizon, the Prague Castle (Hradčany) can be seen as well) is in the center of Prague, in the Lesser Town. The building itself has been built in today's shape in the 17th century, and it served as a jesuit monastery. It has a rectangular shape with a small yard in the middle; three wings now belong to the University, and the fourth to the (roman-catholic) church, and in fact it is the largest baroque church in Prague (the right-hand picture).

MFF UK building St. Nicholas Church

Panoramic view from St. Nicolas Church.

Hotel Addresses

The two hotels we were booking accommodation in are:

See the annotated Google Map.

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