Preliminary Program of MT Marathon 2009

Monday Jan 26 - Friday Jan 30, 2009

Apart from lectures, talks and lab sessions, there will be group projects (aka Open Source Convention). For more details see:

MT Marathon 2009 Wiki
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Lectures, Talks, Labs

Registration starts at 8.30 in front of room S1.

Morning Lecture Research Talks Afternoon Lab Session Evening
9.00-10.30, room S1 11.00-12.30, room S1 14.00-17.00, lab SU2 17.00-?, room S1
Monday General welcome and local info (Philipp Koehn and Jan Hajič, 9.00-9.10)

Introduction to MT and MT Evaluation (Adam Lopez)
  • Projects: Introduction
  • Intro to Stat-XFER (Alon Lavie)
  • Intro to TectoMT (Zdeněk ®abokrtský, Ondřej Bojar)
Manual judgement of MT quality
Tuesday Word Alignment (Barry Haddow) PostCAT, apertium-cy, MBMT Implementing IBM model 1 Projects: Update
Wednesday Phrase-Based Models and Decoding (Chris Dyer) Joshua, SAMT, MERT+ Installing and running Moses (Hieu Hoang and Josh Schroeder)
Thursday TectoMT: Processing Trees (Zdeněk ®abokrtský and others) RIA, Sub-Tree Aligner TectoMT hands-on experience: Installation and tutorial (Jana Kravalová) Projects: Update
Friday Richer Models and Optimization (Philipp Koehn) Projects: Final Short Presentations
Panel: Future of MT Marathon
Using factored models and MERT in Moses (Hieu Hoang, Barry Haddow, Abhishek Arun).

Accepted Contributions, Research Talks

The following contributions will be presented during late mornings:

  1. apertium-cy: F. M. Tyers, K. Donnelly: apertium-cy - a collaboratively-developed free RBMT system for Welsh to English
  2. Joshua: Z. Li, C. Callison-Burch, W. Thornton, S. Khudanpur: Joshua: an Open-source Decoder for Parsing-based Machine Translation
  3. MBMT: A. van den Bosch and P. Berck: Memory-Based Machine Translation and Language Modeling
  4. MERT+: N. Bertoldi, B. Haddow, J.-B. Fouet: Improved Minimum Error Rate Training in Moses
  5. PostCAT: J. Graça, K. Ganchev, B. Taskar: PostCAT - Posterior Constrained Alignment Toolkit
  6. RIA: Y. Graham, J. van Genabith: An Open Source Rule Induction Tool for Transfer-Based SMT
  7. SAMT: A. Venugopal, A. Zollmann: Grammar based statistical MT on Hadoop. An end-to-end toolkit for large scale PSCFG based statistical machine translation
  8. Sub-Tree Aligner: V. Zhechev: Unsupervised Generation of Parallel Treebanks through Sub-Tree Alignment
  9. Z-MERT: O. Zaidan: Z-MERT: A Fully Configurable Open Source Tool for Minimum Error Rate Training of Machine Translation Systems
  10. (There is no presentation for this paper.)

Research talk presentations should be 20 to 25 minutes long with additional 5 minutes for a discussion.

Past MT Marathons

The program structure follows previous marathons:

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