Welcome to MT Marathon 2009

The Third Machine Translation Marathon is organized by Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL) in Prague.


Dec 12, 2008 Paper submission
Dec 19, 2008 Notification of acceptance
Jan 5, 2009 Camera-ready paper due
Jan 11, 2009 Preferred deadline for registration
Jan 20, 2009 Latest payment for accommodation
Jan 26-30, 2009 MT Marathon


Feb 9, 2009: Thanks for participation! See you at the next Marathon.
Jan 23, 2009: A few useful links added to the Venue page.
Jan 21, 2009: Suggested group projects are being added to the Wiki.
Jan 6, 2009: Preliminary Program, Wiki and Google Group for announcements.
Nov 19, 2008: Instruction for Authors.
Oct 28, 2008: Call for Papers.
Oct 27, 2008: Registration Form released.
(Oct 2008) Website created.

About the MT Marathon

MT Marathon is organized yearly by the EuroMatrix machine translation research project funded by the European Union under its "Cooperation programme" as a STREP project FP6-IST-5-034291-STP. In January 2009, it will be third MT Marathon organized by EuroMatrix. MT Marathon consists of several events taking place at the same place to allow for free flow of thoughts and exchange of information and experience: a "spring school" (this time more like a "winter school") with associated lab lessons, invited research talks, and a hands-on experience with Open Source MT tools. Participants will also experience evaluating Machine Translation systems (with some hands-on experience in actual subjective evaluation of MT systems taking part in the WMT 2009 competition). This year, talks presenting some of the available OpenSource tools in more detail will also be planned throughout the week (see the call for papers).

Previous Marathons:

About Euromatrix

The EuroMatrix project (http://www.euromatrix.net/) aims at a major push in machine translation (MT) technology applying the most advanced MT technologies systematically to all pairs of EU languages. Special attention is being paid to the languages of the new and near-term prospective member states. As part of this application development, EuroMatrix designs and investigates novel combinations of statistical techniques and linguistic knowledge sources as well as hybrid MT architectures. EuroMatrix addresses urgent European economic and social needs by concentrating on European languages and on high-quality translation to be employed for the publication of technical, social, legal and political documents. EuroMatrix aims at enriching the statistical MT approach with novel learning paradigms and experiment with new combinations of methods and resources from statistical MT, rule-based MT, shallow language processing and computational lexicography/morphology.

The main objectives of the project are:

This project has been supported by the grant FP6-IST-5-034291-STP (EuroMatrix).
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