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Lunches during ACL 2007

This page is included for reference only.

There are a couple of restaurants in the hotel that serve "a la carte" lunches for hotel guests. To make service quicker, cheaper and more convenient, the TOP Hotel will offer two types of lunches for the ACL participants: lunch-buffet and sandwiches. Both must be ordered and paid for when registering for the conference.

Buffet style lunch

  • 4 kinds of starters
  • 1 kind of soup
  • 4 kinds of warm main dish (one of them vegetarian)
  • 3 kinds of side dishes
  • 4 kinds of desserts
  • 5 kinds of salads + dressings
  • 4 kinds of pastries
  • 1 drink (beer or soft drinks)

Price for buffet lunch and one drink is 400 CZK (approx. $20).

Sandwich "buffet"

  • One of several kinds of sandwiches and baguettes, vegetarian available
  • One drink (beer or soft drinks)

Price for sandwich and one drink is 110 CZK (approx. $6).


In both cases, additional beer or soft drinks could be bought on the spot for 40-50 CZK ($2-2.5).

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