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Students Dormitory Accommodation

The reservations for the dormitories have been closed.
There are no more rooms available.
This page is included for reference only.

» Deadline for payment is May 31, 2007.

Kolej VOLHA, K Verneraku 950, Praha 4-Kunratice
See the local information page for travel details.

Students dormitory accommodation – First come first serve basis – is recommended to students or groups from the same departments. Students’ dormitory VOLHA is situated in Jižní Město (10 minutes by bus to/from the conference venue, TOP HOTEL Praha). If you request room sharing (double, triple rooms) to further reduce the costs, please cross-reference your roommates on the registration form - we will NOT do any assignments of roommates.

The accommodation is arranged in a newly reconstructed hotel-type dormitory in so called "cells", i.e. in two independent rooms with a shared bathroom.

We offer 137 beds for following prices (incl. continental breakfast and all obligatory fees):

Bed in a single room 540 CZK/night
Bed in a double room 355 CZK/night
Bed in a triple room 315 CZK/night

In case of any question please contact: registration@conforg.cz (Ms. Anna Kotěšovcová)

Students Dormitory VOLHA

Guest room
Guest room
Guest room

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