Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tips and Tricks

The Challenge of Arabic for NLP/MT conference organized in London by The British Computer Society is over. Let us give a couple of new links:

Tips and Tricks of the Prague Arabic Dependency Treebank
[paper] [slides] Otakar Smrž
An Ambiguity-Controlled Morphological Analyzer for Modern Standard Arabic Modeling Finite State Networks
[www] Mohammed A. Attia
Standard Arabic formalization and linguistic platform for its analysis
[www] Slim Mesfar

In this context, the work on morphology by Columbia's Arabic Dialect Modeling Group should also be noted:

MAGEAD: A Morphological Analyzer and Generator for the Arabic Dialects
[pdf] Nizar Habash and Owen Rambow
Morphological Analysis and Generation for Arabic Dialects
[pdf] Nizar Habash, Owen Rambow and George Kiraz

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