TLT 2006 Prague, Czech Republic

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Welcome to the TLT 2006 website

Welcome to the 5th International "Treebanks and Linguistic Theories" conference!

Recent updates on the web:

(Dec 2) The conference is over. Big thanks to all presenters, authors, reviewers, editors, session chairs, and the audience - they all are, after all, the most important for any conference's success. And thanks to Anna Kotesovcova and the other "locals" who hepled to make it as smooth as possible and an enjoyable experience!
(Nov 28) Session chairs assigned, conference bags filled :-)
(Nov 26) Some "Travel Info bugs" fixed - please reload and/or print again...
(Nov 13) "Last minute information" page available (continuously updated)
(Nov 9) Papers now online (in PDF, from the Program page)
(Nov 1) WiFi access installed to the lecture room!
(Oct 31) All camera-ready papers are in
(Oct 15) Conference web pages complete
(Oct 8) Announcements sent out and program posted
(Sep 25) Registration now open
(Sep 24) Accommodation information available
(Jul 25) Instructions for paper submissions available
(Jul 25) 2nd Call for papers distributed
(Jul 22) Final PC member list available

TLT 2006 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, Dec 1-2, 2006, with a number of co-located events surrounding it (separate registration required).

Nov 28-29
The Prague Dependency Treebank tutorial
Dec 1-2
Main conference
Dec 4
2nd PIRE project workshop
Dec 4-8
21st Vilem Mathesius Center Fall School