TLT 2006 Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Papers

Workshop motivation and aims

Treebanks are a language resource that provides annotations of natural languages at various levels of structure: at the word level, the phrase level, the sentence level, and sometimes also at the level of function-argument structure. Treebanks have become crucially important for the development of data-driven approaches to natural language processing, human language technologies, grammar extraction and linguistic research in general. There are a number of on-going projects on compilation of representative treebanks for languages that still lack them (Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Portugese, Spanish, Turkish) and a number of on-going projects on compilation of treebanks for specific purposes for languages that already have them (English). In addition, there are projects that go beyond syntactic analysis to include different kinds of semantic and pragmatic annotation. We specifically encourage submissions that discuss the relations and links between, and possibly merging of, various aspects of morphological, syntactic, semantic, and contents/pragmatic annotation; also, submissions describing work on parallel treebanks and/or cross-language annotation schemas, theories and applications are more than encouraged as well.

The practices of building syntactically processed corpora have proved that aiming at more detailed description of the data becomes more and more theory-dependent (Prague Dependency Treebank and other dependency-based treebanks such as the Danish dependency treebank, the Italian treebank (TUT), and the Turkish treebank (METU); Verbmobil HPSG Treebanks, Polish HPSG Treebank, Bulgarian HPSG-based Treebank, etc.). Therefore the development of treebanks and formal linguistic theories need to be more tightly connected in order to ensure the necessary information flow between them.

This series of workshops aims at being a forum for researchers and advanced students working in these areas. The fifth workshop will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, 1-2 December 2006, with a number of co-located events surrounding it (see the main page). (The first TLT workshop was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria in September 2002; see, the second one in Vaxjo, Sweden in November 2003 (, the third one in Tuebingen, Germany in December 2004 ( and the fourth workshop was held in Barcelona, Spain, 9-10 December 2005 (


Topics of interest

We invite submission of papers on topics relevant to treebanks and linguistic theories, including but not limited to:

Important dates

(Deadlines: always midnight, UTC, ignoring DST)
Deadlines for paper submission, acceptance, and camera-ready received
Deadline for paper submission:September 8, 2006
Notification of acceptance:October 8, 2006
Final version of paper for workshop proceedings: October 29, 2006
Workshop:December 1-2, 2006
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Please note that this time, we require full papers (max. length: 12 pages A4) be submitted, describing existing research related to the topics of the workshop. Please see Guidelines for paper submission on how to submit and what style to use.


The presentation at the workshop will be 30 minutes long (25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion). The final version of the accepted papers may not exceed 12 A4 pages (which will be printed on B5 without any reduction - see also the style instructions).

Invited speakers

Martha Palmer, Professor at University of Colorado at Boulder (
SemLink - Combining PropBank, VerbNet and FrameNet

Gosse Bouma, Professor at University of Groningen (
(tentative: Creating and Exploring Large Treebanks)


Program committee

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Local Organizers

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
School of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University, Prague
Czech Republic


School of Computer Science, MFF UK
Malostranske nam. 25
CZ-11800 Prague 1
Czech Republic

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Sponsoring organisations

Charles University, Prague

We would like also to thank the funding agencies of the projects MSMT CR "Vyzkumny zamer" MSM00021620838 and MSMT CR "Centrum kopmutacni lingvistiky" LC536 for providing partial funding for the invited guests.