18. Punctuation

Punctuation marks present at surface level are not usually represented in any way in the tectogrammatical tree: there is no node that corresponds to them and they do not affect attribute values.

However, there are several cases where a punctuation mark is represented by a node in the tectogrammatical tree. The t-lemma of this node is then the t-lemma substitute for the appropriate punctuation mark (see Section 4, "T-lemma substitutes"):

Cases where these punctuation marks are represented in the tectogrammatical tree by a node are as follows:

Figure 8.295. Punctuation


Out Of The Body -

Figure 8.296. Punctuation


Image jsou, ach, vždy tak krásné; skutečnost holá a ohyzdná. (=lit. Images are oh always so beautiful, reality bare and ugly.)

Figure 8.297. Punctuation


Šerák - 1353 metrů. (=lit. Šerák - 1353 metres)

Figure 8.298. Punctuation


To nás rozhořčilo tak, že... (=lit. That us annoyed so_much that…)

Figure 8.299. Punctuation


A přece... (=lit. And still…)