10. Specific adnominal functors

Specific adnominal functors are those functors that are assigned to modifications exclusively modifying (semantic) nouns. The verbal functors only are not sufficient for representing all the functions of adnominal modifications. Some of the adnominal modifications have specific functions that are not found with verbal modifications. These specific functions of adnominal modifications are described by the following five functors.

List of the adnominal functors

Valency. The modification with the MAT functor is argumental in nature. All the other specific adnominal functors belong to the class of free modifications (adjuncts). With some nouns, the modification with the APP functor has the role of an obligatory free modification. See Section, "Arguments and adjuncts in the valency frames of nouns" for details.

NB! Those modifications of nouns that have the same meaning as modifications that are essentially verbal are assigned verbal functors no matter whether the noun is deverbal or not.