5.15. The iterativeness grammateme

The basic values of the iterativeness grammateme are presented in Table 5.16, "Values of the iterativeness grammateme".

Table 5.16. Values of the iterativeness grammateme


no iterative meaning present


iterated, multiple event

The iterativeness grammateme is relevant for:

The it1 is assigned to nodes representing multiple/iterated events; so far, it seems to concern only the cases when a verb has one of the iterative suffixes: -ívat / -ávat, -ávávat / -ívávat. In all other cases the value it0 is assigned.


Chodíval k nám často. [iterativeness=it1] (=He used to come to us quite often)

Chodí plavat pravidelně / každé pondělí. [iterativeness=it0] (=She goes swimming regularly / every morning)

For more details, see Section 6.4.7, "Values of the iterativeness grammateme".