5.14. The resultative grammateme (resultative aspect)

The basic values of the resultative grammateme are presented in Table 5.15, "Values of the resultative grammateme".

Table 5.15. Values of the resultative grammateme


no resultative meaning


resultative meaning (aspect)

The resultative grammateme is relevant for:

In resultative constructions, the event is presented as the resulting state.

The res1 value is only assigned to nodes representing the so called possessive passive, i.e. a form consisting of the verb mít and a passive participle, e.g.: měl uvařeno (=lit. (he) had cooked).

In all the other cases, the value of the grammateme is res0.


Uvařil [resultative=res0] a uklidil. [resultative=res0] (=He cooked (the dinner) and cleaned (the house))

Měl uvařeno [resultative=res1] a dokonce i uklidil. [resultative=res0] (=lit. (He) had cooked and even cleaned)

For more details, see Section 6.4.6, "Values of the resultative grammateme".