5. Grammatemes

Grammatemes are tectogrammatical correlates of the morphological categories.

Individual grammatemes are gathered in the gram attribute, which is in fact a structure of the individual attributes-grammatemes.

The sempos attribute is obligatorily present in this structure of grammatemes (see Section 3.1, "The sempos attribute").

The numertype (see Section 5.5, "The numertype grammateme") and indeftype (see Section 5.6, "The indeftype grammateme") attributes reflect the derivational relations, which makes them different from other grammatemes, which are usually tectogrammatical counterparts of morphological categories.

!!! In principle, it should be possible to separate a set of "derivational" grammatemes; this would make sense once the derivational relations were represented more extensively. So far, however, both the numertype and indeftype grammatemes are not distinguished from other grammatemes.