Fifteenth MT Marathon 2022

Important Dates

June 29, 2022 Registration opens
July 15, 2022 July 31, 2022 Abstract submission deadline (extended!)
July 29, 2022 August 15, 2022 Notification of acceptance
August 22, 2022 Online registration remains open (lunch option closed)
September 5-10, 2022 MT Marathon in Prague

MT Marathon

Organized by the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL), Charles University, Machine Translation Marathon 2022 is a week long gathering of machine translation researchers, developers, students and users. It features:

  • MT Lectures and Labs covering the basics and tutorials.
  • Keynote Talks from experienced researchers and practitioners.
  • Presentations of research and open source tools related to MT.
  • Hacking Projects to advance tools or research in one week or start new collaborations.

The MT Marathon will host an open session with poster presentations related to MT research and open-source tools. We invite students, developers and researchers to submit short abstracts (1 page) featuring previously published results, open-source tool demos, and work in progress. Abstracts are lightly reviewed for topical scope, and all relevant submissions will be accepted for presentation.

Registration is limited to 100 people.

Sponsors of MT Marathon 2022