DeriMo 2019

Second Workshop on Resources and Tools
for Derivational Morphology
Prague, 19-20 September 2019


Programme Committee Chairs

  • Magda Ševčíková (ÚFAL, Charles University, Prague)
  • Zdeněk Žabokrtský (ÚFAL, Charles University, Prague)
  • Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi (CIRCSE, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan)
  • Marco Passarotti (CIRCSE, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan)

Programme Committee Members

  • Mark Aronoff (USA)
  • Alexandra Bagasheva (Bulgaria)
  • Jim Blevins (UK)
  • Olivier Bonami (France)
  • Nicola Grandi (Italy)
  • Pius ten Hacken (Austria)
  • Nabil Hathout (France)
  • Andrew Hippisley (USA)
  • Claudio Iacobini (Italy)
  • Sandra Kübler (USA)
  • Silvia Luraghi (Italy)
  • Francesco Mambrini (Germany)
  • Fabio Montermini (France)
  • Fiammetta Namer (France)
  • Sebastian Padó (Germany)
  • Renáta Panocová (Slovakia)
  • Vito Pirrelli (Italy)
  • Lucie Pultrová (Czech Republic)
  • Jan Radimský (Czech Republic)
  • Andrew Spencer (UK)
  • Pavol Štekauer (Slovakia)
  • Pavel Štichauer (Czech Republic)
  • Salvador Valera (Spain)

Local Organizing Committee Member

  • Magda Ševčíková (ÚFAL, Charles University, Prague)
  • Zdeněk Žabokrtský (ÚFAL, Charles University, Prague)
  • Jana Hamrlová (ÚFAL, Charles University, Prague)

Invited speakers

Lívia Körtvélyessy
Lívia Körtvélyessy is a professor of English linguistics at the department of British and American Studies, P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia. Her research has focused on onomasiological approach to word-formation evaluative morphology and language typology. She is the author of Evaluative morphology from a cross-linguistic perspective (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2015), a co-author (with P. Štekauer and S. Valera) of ‘Word-formation in the world’s languages (Cambridge: CUP, 2012) and co-editor of Edinburgh Handbook of Evaluative morphology (Edinburgh: EUP, 2015), author of 2 chapters in the Oxford Handbook of Derivational Morphology (Oxford: OUP, 2014). She is also a co-editor-in-chief of the SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics (Web of Science, Scopus).
Fiammetta Namer
Fiammetta Namer is Professor of Linguistics at the Université de Lorraine and member of the Research Unit "Analyse et Traitement Automatisé de la Langue Française" (UMR 7118 - Université de Lorraine & CNRS). Her research focuses on Word Formation in French, and covers the fields of description, theory and Natural Language Processing. It includes the study of real data from the Internet, the question of the role of paradigms in derivation with particular attention to the issue of meaning-form asymetry, and the acquisition of large-scale derivational resources for French.