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Linux, Windows, OS X

UDPipe 2

UDPipe 2 is a Python prototype, capable of performing tagging, lemmatization and syntactic analysis of CoNLL-U input. It took part in several competitions, reaching excellent results in all of them:

Compared to UDPipe 1, it is Python-only, it does not perform tokenization, and the models require more computation power.

REST Service

The UDPipe 2 models are currently available from the LINDAT UDPipe REST Service. Apart from the web interface, you can use the script to process your files through the service.

Getting UDPipe 2

You can get UDPipe 2 sources from the udpipe-2 branch of the UDPipe repository. The sources can be used to both train a new model and to run a local REST server for inference.


The available models are described on a separate page.


This work has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Project No. LM2018101 LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ.


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