The Czech RST Discourse Treebank 1.0 is available to download as a single zip archive from the LINDAT-CLARIAH repository (see the Licence).

After unzipping the downloaded archive, the data can be found in the directory data, with three subdirectories:

  • TXT - original texts
  • RS3 - RST annotations of the texts in RS3 format
  • IAA - double annotated documents

How to browse the data

The data can be opened using the RSTWeb annotation tool (Gessler et al., 2019).


Luke Gessler, Yang Liu and Amir Zeldes: A Discourse Signal Annotation System for RST Trees. In: Proceedings of Discourse Relation Treebanking and Parsing (DISRPT 2019). Minneapolis, MN, pp. 56-61, 2019.