Dominik Macháček

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Main Research Interests

Neural Machine Translation

Multilingual Neural Machine Translation

Simultaneous Speech Translation


InCroMin: Interactive Crosslingual Minutes




GAUK Strojový překlad tlumočených projevů / Machine translation of interpreted speech

Babel Octopus: Robus Multi-Source Speech Translation

Curriculum Vitae

My complete CV in PDF.

3/2024: Finished and submitted PhD. thesis "Multi-Source Simultaneous Speech Translation." (Text). I have a serie of talks where I present the results, including a live interactive demo of Whisper-Streaming. Video and slides from ÚFAL Monday seminar.

2022: Internship at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Kyoto, Japan. Slides.

2021: PhD. thesis proposal "Multi-Lingual Machine Translation". Text, slides.

2019-2024: PhD at ÚFAL

2018: Internship at Unbabel, Portugal



Selected Bibliography

Dominik Macháček (2024): Multi-Source Simultaneous Speech Translation, doctoral thesis, submitted in 3/2024, to be defended in 5/2024.

Dominik Macháček, Raj Dabre, Ondřej Bojar (2023): Turning Whisper into Real-Time Transcription System, system demo at IJNCLP-AACL 2023 (paper, code, slides, video, citation)

Dominik Macháček, Peter Polák, Ondřej Bojar, Raj Dabre (2023): Robustness of Multi-Source MT to Transcription Errors, ACL 2023 Findings (pdf, poster, citation)

Dominik Macháček, Ondřej Bojar, Raj Dabre (2023): MT Metrics Correlate with Human Ratings of Simultaneous Speech Translation. IWSLT 2023 (pdf, slides, code, citation)

Dávid Javorský, Dominik Macháček, and Ondřej Bojar (2022): Continuous Rating as Reliable Human Evaluation of Simultaneous Speech Translation. In Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT), pages 154–164, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Hybrid). Association for Computational Linguistics. (pdf)

Dominik Macháček, Matúš Žilinec, Ondřej Bojar (2021): Lost in Interpreting: Speech Translation from Source or Interpreter?. In: Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2021, pp. 2376-2380, ISCA, Baxas, France (pdf, bibtex)

ESIC 1.0 -- Europarl Simultaneous Interpreting Corpus

Kocmi, Macháček, Bojar, 2021: The Reality of Multi-Lingual Machine Translation



I presented my two most recent papers at ACL and IWSLT 2023 in Toronto. See the page that links all the materials I presented.



On 14.12. 2022, I visited prof. Nakamura's lab at NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) and gave a one-hour talk about my dissertation topic Simultaneous Multi-Source Speech Translation from the original and simultaneous interpreting. In this talk, I explain motivation, specification of my focus on this task, and explain the benefits and risks of interpreting in speech translation. I describe current state of the art from ELITR project, ESIC evaluation corpus, and preliminary results and next plans. In the second part of the talk, I introduce Continuous Rating as a reliable method of human evaluation of simultaneous speech translation, and its correlation to offline MT metrics.

This talk summarizes my PhD research in 2019-2022. The slides are available.



My master thesis Enriching Neural MT through Multi-Task Training, the follow-up paper and my experience from ELITR project is summarized in a book The Reality of Multi-Lingual Machine Translation, along with my colleagues' contributions. The pdf version and free copies are available.