David Klusáček

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Main Research Interests

Speech recognition (mainly the acoustic front-end), speaker identification, digital signal processing, functional and logic programming, compilation and optimization techniques, formal program verification, mathematical logic, automated theorem proving, knowledge representation, computational neuroscience and neuroanatomy.

Curriculum Vitae

1991--1995 Electronics secondary school V uzlabine 320, Praha 10. Finished with the highest honors.
1995--2003 Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prague (MFF-UK). Defended diploma thesis {\sl ``Supercompilation''} and graduated with the highest honors. Master degree.
2003--2012 PhD studies at MFF-UK (UFAL department). Defended doctoral thesis {\sl ``New Methods in Statistical Speech Recognition''}.
Stays 2002 Participated at the WS'02 Johns Hopkins University summer workshop in the {\it ``SuperSID''} group.
2004 Co-op/Intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, doing research concerning speaker detection.
1995 The first prize in national competition of high-school scientific projects in categories {\sl mathematics} (for the theory and implementation of the Fast Hartley Transform) and {\sl electronics} (for the design and manufacturing of PC-compatible sound card).
1996 Czech Ministry of Education Award ``Mathematical Talent 1995'' for the work {\it ``Fast Hartley Transform''}.
2002 One-year research funding won at the end of the JHU workshop (out of 9 competitors) for {\it ``Pronunciation Model''\/}-based speaker detection.


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Selected Bibliography

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