Research-Usage Licence Agreement
for the COMPOST - Common POS Tagger


Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
Malostranské náměstí 25
CZ-11800  Praha
Czech Republic
(the Proprietor)


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  1. The Common POS Tagger (COMPOST) is a collection of software tools for processing of text, developed at and by the Proprietor under the following support: projects MSM0021620838, ME838 and LC536 of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, GA405/06/0589 and GD201/05/H014 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 1ET101120503 of the Information Society Programme of the National Research Programme of the Czech Republic and EU Grant FP6-IST-5-34434-IP.

  2. The Proprietor is the copyright holder of COMPOST and is entitled to grant a license to the User.

  3. The User is an academic, educational or research institution, or other organization, or an individual wishing to make use of COMPOST for research and/or education purposes.

It is hereby agreed as follows:

  1. This agreement is made on the date of submission and effective immediately.

  2. The User is granted a non-exclusive license to use, modify, enlarge or enrich COMPOST to extract information directly or indirectly in any form and volume, provided that COMPOST itself or any derivative work is used only by the User her/himself or his/her immediate collaborators, employees, managers and/or her/his students from the same Institution for research purposes only, and provided she/he is continuously observing all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. If any part of COMPOST contains its own license or an additional restriction, the more restrictive version and/or amendment of the license shall be in effect, unless specifically stated otherwise in such a part.

  3. The User shall not use COMPOST itself or any derivative work (including but not limited to statistics obtained by using it or any derivative work thereof) based on it (however small the contribution of COMPOST to such derivative work is) in whatever form for commercial purposes of any kind, nor for a deployment in any routinely used application, regardless whether it is of commercial nature or not.

  4. The User shall include the following notice in all publications or publicly available materials, regardless of their form (printed, electronic, or other), describing work which uses COMPOST: " The Common POS Tagger - COMPOST has been developed by the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics," In the case of printed materials, such as papers, journal articles, etc., one publication most suitable for reference with regard to User's work should be included from the list in the COMPOST documentation; in the case of electronic publications on the Internet, the reference to the aforementioned web page should be included as a web link.

  5. The User agrees not to re-distribute or otherwise make publicly available COMPOST, or any derivative work based on it as described in paragraph 3, to a third party without a prior written permission of the Proprietor.

  6. The User undertakes to adopt any security measures needed to protect the Proprietors' copyright in COMPOST and undertakes to take all reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized use is made of COMPOST and of any copies, derivative works or extracts thereof.

  7. Any usage of COMPOST which does not conform to the specification set forth in the 3rd paragraph of this Agreement (such as, e.g., commercial usage of COMPOST) is subject of separate negotiations and a written contract between the User and the Proprietor and/or other parties. The Proprietor is in general not obliged to enter and/or conclude such negotiations.

  8. COMPOST is provided as is. Therefore the Proprietor does not warrant the usefulness of COMPOST for any purpose, regardless of formulations which can be found at some places in the accompanying documentation stating the intended purpose and use of COMPOST.

  9. If the User reports to the Proprietor any discovered errors, inconsistencies or suggested corrections or improvements to COMPOST, the Proprietor undertake: (a) to maintain these comments in confidence and to use them only for the purposes of improving, modifying and/or maintaining COMPOST, (b) not to disclose the comments except in confidence to those of their employees or directors who need to know the same for the aforesaid purpose.

  10. Should the Users by themselves or anyone acting on their behalf fail to comply with any of the conditions in this agreement (save with the written consent of the Proprietor) this agreement shall terminate immediately and COMPOST, its copies and derivative works based on it shall be destroyed at the User's site and at all sites under his control. Such termination shall be without prejudice to any claim which the Proprietor may have either for monies due and/or damages and/or otherwise.

  11. Failure by the Proprietor to exercise or enforce any rights in this agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right nor operate so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any time or times thereafter.

  12. This agreement terminates if (a) the User destroys all copies of COMPOST or any derivative work thereof, (b) the User or its Institution ceases to exist, unless all its obligations are transferred to a new entity, which is then considered to be bound by this Agreement. The User or its successor shall inform the Proprietor about any such transfer or succession; failure to do so will terminate this Agreement after one month after such transfer or succession. (c) the Proprietor ceases to exist without a legal successor.

  13. The Proprietor shall keep the information about the User provided when submitting this Agreement in confidentiality and will not disclose it to other parties, except in a summary form such that individual users will not be identified, unless they specifically agree to such a disclosure in writing.

  14. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and all disputes concerning this agreement will be resolved by its jurisdiction.

Content: Jan Raab.
Authors: Johanka Spoustová, Jan Hajič, Jan Raab, Miroslav Spousta.
This work was funded in part by the Companions project( sponsored by the European Commission as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme under EC grant number IST-FP6-034434, MSM0021620838, ME838 and LC536 of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, GA405/06/0589 and GD201/05/H014 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 1ET101120503 of the Information Society Programme of the National Research Programme of the Czech Republic.
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