Compost Czech

Compost Czech is a tool which combines the PDT 2.0 morphological analyzer and the Morce tagger using an innovative semi-supervised training method. The resulting tagger gives the best accuracy achieved for Czech (on standard PDT 2.0 data set) so far: 96 %

Compost Czech is is available for Linux platform for registerder users only. You can also download Morce tagger source code from the Morce website.

After registration go to download page.

Content: Jan Raab.
Authors: Jan Raab, Jan Hajič, Drahomíra "johanka" Spoustová, Miroslav Spousta..
This work was funded in part by the Companions project sponsored by the European Commission as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme under EC grant number IST-FP6-034434, MSM0021620838, ME838 and LC536 of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, GA405/06/0589 and GD201/05/H014 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 1ET101120503 of the Information Society Programme of the National Research Programme of the Czech Republic.
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