Ethics of AI+

AI's use in various human areas makes it relevant beyond computer science. It's believed that this technology will change the world, thus requiring ethical reflection for its development and application. The Ethics of AI+ course offers an engaging online course, "Ethics of AI," in partnership with the University of Helsinki. It covers ethical aspects of AI and encourages ethical thinking about its development and practical use.

In collaboration with the University of Helsinki and, we bring you the online course "Ethics of AI", which introduces you to AI ethics without the need to know how to program. The course is available for free.

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You can find more information about the course directly in the course syllabus in SIS: NAIL131.

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Apart from the obligatory online course, you can also voluntarily take part in some "plus" events: the course also includes lectures, seminars, and workshops on AI ethics. In 2023, there are (at least) these events in English:

In autumn 2023, you can attend the "AI and Religion" lecture, with a guest speaker Marius Dorobantu from VU Amsterdam. Moderator: František Štěch from ETF UK. Date and time to be announced.

You can also check out AI days for some programme in English.

25.3.2024 16:00-17:30 workshop on AI Act in Practice, free registration required (send e-mail to, see webpage