Elements of AI+ (introduction to artificial intelligence)

AI, artificial intelligence, smart devices, machine learning... We hear these words around us more and more often. From developing new medicines to writing plays to choosing a life partner, AI is gradually making inroads into many areas of human activity.

In collaboration with the University of Helsinki and prg.ai, we bring you the online course "Elements of AI", which introduces you to AI without the need to know how to program. The course is available for free.

Take your own online course on the website https://www.elementsofai.cz/

You can find more information about the course directly in the course syllabus in SIS: NAIL130.

For any additional questions or comments, please contact us at elements-of-AI@ksvi.mff.cuni.cz

Apart from the obligatory online course, you can also voluntarily take part in some "plus" events. In summer term 2022/2023, there are (at least) these two events in English:

You can take part at the conference Law and Artificial Intelligence - Challenges and Opportunities, taking place on 24.3.2023 at Faculty of Law, CUNI, as well as online (hybrid form). Please, do register in advance at the conference website!

In autumn 2023, you can attend the "AI and Religion" lecture, with a guest speaker Marius Dorobantu from VU Amsterdam. Moderator: František Štěch from ETF UK. Date and time to be announced.