Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ElixirFM 1.1 Update + Wiki + API

The ElixirFM Functional Arabic Morphology project has released an update of its libraries, executables, data, and documentation at SourceForge.

The current version 1.1.927 includes important improvements in the performance of the system and comes with enhanced user and programming interfaces. Next to the ElixirFM Online Interface, the project also features:

ElixirFM Wiki
documentation for the project has been set up, which now brings notable information for the computational linguists and interested developers who would like to explore the ElixirFM system more deeply and use it in their applications
ElixirFM API
there is a powerful ElixirFM programming interface for Perl which allows you to invoke the elixir executable from your code and further parse and process the results easily

The ElixirFM lexicon has been extended and refined, and a number of words have been encoded in a way that makes their deep word structure more explicit. The sources of the lexicon plus the editing software are available freely upon request.

ElixirFM now operates more smoothly in all its modes. In particular, the resolve mode involves solution pruning and its morphological analyses now comply with most linguistic constraints. Likewise, the online inflect and derive modes have been integrated with lookup, due to which word form generation becomes much more intuitive and yet more enjoyable.

ElixirFM is published under the GNU General Public License GNU GPL 3. Everyone is welcome to participate in this project!

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