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0/2 MC
PhDr. Šárka Zikánová, Ph.D.

Reading in Semantics and Pragmatics

Linguistically oriented course for PhD students
  • Time and location: Wednesday 10:40–12:10, S11
  • The course's site in the Student Information System


Anja Nedoluzhko, Šárka Zikánová


Course schedule:

•Feb. 22  AN
•March 1 AN
•March 8 AN
•March 15 AN
•March 22 AN
•March 29 AN
•April 5  SZ
•April 12 SZ
•April 19 SZ
•April 26 SZ
•May 3 SZ
•May 10 SZ
•May 24 SZ+AN


 Course completion requirements:

- Aktivni ucast

- Prubezne testy

- Terminology dictionary jako konecny vystup



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