TLT 2006 Prague, Czech Republic

Technical info for presenters

The room in which the conference will take place has not been used for conferences before, and in fact is not yet officially open (as of Oct. 15, 2006). Surprises can be expected, but hopefully only to the better...


You get 25 minutes for the presentation, followed by 5 minutes for taking questions. See the Program page for the time your talk starts and ends. Session chairs (TBA) will be strict as usual :).


There is a projector available in the room. Please bring your own notebook, or share one with a friend or colleague. The projector is capable of adjusting to almost any display size; however, try to adjust your notebook for the standard ones (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 etc.).


Even though we expect only 100 people in a 200-seating-capacity, high-ceiling room (or maybe because of that), we will have to use the installed audio system. Be ready to wear a clip-equipped small microphone (near to your neck) and a lightweight, yet not quite tiny transmitter at your belt or in your pocket.

Internet Connection

WiFi internet connection has now been installed to the lecture room and its neighborhood - accessible for all (the presenter and the audience). It is (and will be even during the conference!) only in a "testing period" - so nothing is guaranteed. The connection will be open for guest (participant's) notebooks only 8am-6pm, Dec 1-2, and no security (encryption) will be in effect (to make things simple for all; thus, for your own peace of mind, do not plan to access your bank accounts etc. from there). However, please be still ready to present WITHOUT live internet connection. Wired LAN will not be available - so please bring your own WiFi enabled laptops or WiFi PCMCIA cards (both b/g protocols will be available).