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[Payment: (reg. EUR 60, student EUR 45), paid on site.]
The organisers arrange (cheap) accommodation only at
- either in the Music Academy dorms (Trziste 18, Prague 1), which are close to the venue. The number of rooms is limited. The price (paid on site) is approx. EUR 42,- (CZK 1200,-) Please check the box below if you want to be put on the list.
- or in hotel Krystal at José Mártího 2/407, 160 67 Praha 6. However, rooms are booked mainly for OSI Foundation-sponsored Vilem Mathesius Center participants.The price (paid on site) is approx. EUR 32,- (CZK 880,-) and it includes breakfast. It is quite far (40 min.) from the venue and there are only a few rooms available.
(As of Oct. 26, 2006) The requests for this type accomodation are no longer accepted. Please book your own accommodation.
Are you coming also for any of the associated events (PDT Tutorial, VMC)?
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