5. Tutorials

We provide two kinds of tutorials to simplify introducing the data and the tools to the user. Mainly, there are videos and handouts of the lectures given at the tutorial on the PDT (Prague Treebanking for Everyone: A two-day tutorial [28]) held in the autumn of 2006. The videos and text documents provided are in English. The second kind of tutorials are the demos guiding the user through the graphical interface controls of the provided tools. The demos are placed directly on the CD-ROM, while the videos are linked from an external source. Table 5.1 lists all tutorials (videos) concerning the data: the tutorials on annotation layers (m-layer, a-layer) and the tutorial on the inner data representation (PML format). Table 5.2 lists all tutorials (videos, demos and texts) concerning the tools.

Table 5.1. Data tutorials

Video clip
m-layer [23]
a-layer [22]
PML [27]

Table 5.2. Tool tutorials

Video clip Demo Text
Bonito [24] Bonito Bonito
LAW [25] LAW ---
TrEd [30] TrEd bTrEd [12]
Netgraph [26] Netgraph ---
STYX [29] STYX ---
--- TrEdVoice ---