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What is Pralinka?

Pralinka (Czech for “praline”; also an acronym for Genuine Linguistic Correspondence Naughtiness), is a Czech nation-wide linguistic correspondence seminar. We offer various linguistic problems for our solvers, who can take part via Internet or mail, and provide them with advice and corrected solutions.

Pralinka is organised by a group of students at The Charles University in Prague, supported by its Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Faculty of Arts and their linguistic institutes.

Apart from publishing and correcting problems, we organise an annual assembly where the solvers and organisers meet personally. It's always good fun and worth the time!

Since 2012, Pralinka is in charge of organising a national round of the olympiad in linguistics, assembling a Czech team for the international round (ILO or IOL). In the preceding years, there was no such organisation for nominating the Czech representing team. Hence, The Czech Republic participated in only 2 out of 9 editions of IOL, when the team were self-sufficient enough and registered for IOL themselves. But the organisers of Pralinka knew they had a lot of gifted solvers, so they took organising of the national round on themselves to make it possible for the solvers to meet with their colleagues from abroad.

We are sorry, but the rest of the website is not available in other languages than Czech. If you want to find out more about Pralinka, please send us an email to the address on the right side of the page.

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