10.4. Layering of predicative complements

Predicative complements expressed by adjectives can be superimposed on predicative complements expressed by verb forms. Examples:

Našel vojáka ležet.COMPL v poli zabitého.COMPL (=lit. (He) found (the) soldier lie in (the) field dead.) Fig. 6.183

Často jsme ho našli, jak leží.COMPL zablácený.COMPL v posteli (=lit. Often - (we) him found as (he) was_lying muddy in (his) bed.)

In such constructions it is necessary to determine correctly which noun the adjectival predicative complement relates to and consequently to represent correctly the dependencies in the tectogrammatical tree.

Figure 6.183. Layering of predicative complements

Layering of predicative complements

Našel vojáka ležet v poli zabitého. (=lit. (They) found (the) soldier lie in (the) field dead.)