5.12. The aspect grammateme

The basic values of the aspect grammateme are represented in Table 5.13, "Values of the aspect grammateme".

Table 5.13. Values of the aspect grammateme


progressive, imperfective aspect


complex, perfective aspect

The aspect grammateme is a tectogrammatical correlate of the morpho-lexical category of aspect and is relevant for:

The value of the grammateme usually corresponds to the value of the morpho-lexical category of aspect. Examples:

Nejraději kupuje / nakupuje nábytek. [aspect=proc] (=He likes to buy furniture best)

Koupil / nakoupil už vše potřebné. [aspect=cpl] (=He already bought everything he needed)

One of the values is assigned also to the so called double-aspect verbs. In those cases, when it is impossible to choose one of the values, the assigned value is nr.

For more details, see Section 6.4.4, "Values of the aspect grammateme".