3. Attributes superior to grammatemes

At the tectogrammatical level, 15 grammatemes are being used and there are other two attributes superior to these, namely the sempos and nodetype attributes.

The nodetype attribute is assigned to every node in the tectogrammatical tree and has eight possible values. This attribute expresses which node type a given node belongs to (see Chapter 3, Node types). Grammatemes are only assigned to one node type, namely to complex nodes (nodetype=complex).

Individual grammatemes are gathered in the gram attribute, which is in fact a structure of the individual attributes-grammatemes. The sempos attribute is obligatorily present in this structure of grammatemes (see Section 3.1, "The sempos attribute"). The value of the sempos attribute unequivocally defines the set of grammatemes that are relevant for a given node.

There is also a specific attribute: sentmod (see Section 7, "The sentmod attribute"). It captures similar meanings as the grammatemes do but it is assigned to a node on the basis of its position in the tree, not on the basis of its values of the nodetype and sempos attributes.