Bibliographical references

Representation of bibliographical references

All bibliographical references are treated in accordance with the rules for the assignment of ExD. The entries in references have no regular syntactic structure, and therefore they are represented as a coordination of non-verbal sentences; this means that the governor of each segment of the reference entry gets afun ExD_Co and the remaining part of that segment is analyzed in the usual way (see ex. (1)).

However, if the remaining part of the segment has a syntactic structure of its own, it is analyzed according to the usual rules and the rest is suspended under the governor of the whole reference entry. It is assigned afun ExD_Pa (or afun Coord_Pa, in case of coordination, as shown by (2)). Such an approach is in accordance with the rules for parenthesis, esp. with A syntactially non-incorporated sentence part or sentential form; ellipsis; an independent sentence part; vocative; interjection Exd_Pa.

  1. Pán   prstenů,   JRR   Tolkien,   Mladá   fronta,   Praha   1990  
    The-Lord   of-the-rings,   JRR   Tolkien,   Mladá   fronta,   Praha   1990  
  2. četl   Tolkienova   Pána   prstenů   (Mladá   fronta,   Praha   1990)  
    he-read   Tolkien's   The-Lord   of-the-rings   (Mladá   fronta,   Praha   1990)